Artificial intelligence in wastewater treatment: We need your input

Attention Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators! Are you curious about the future of your profession?

The Research group imec-mict-UGent, who are part of the DARROW team, is inviting you to participate in a survey exploring the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in wastewater treatment plants and its impact on your job.

In the context of wastewater treatment, AI can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment process by

  • analysing data,
  • recognising trends, and
  • making decisions based on that data.

Specifically, using AI in wastewater treatment can

  • help improve water quality,
  • reduce energy and chemical consumption, and
  • minimise the environmental impact of treatment plants.

Complete the survey (it only takes 10-15 min) and share your valuable insights into how AI technology can enhance and transform the way we operate wastewater treatment plants, without keeping the human out-of-the-loop.